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We are not currently advertising any positions at the postdoctoral level. If you are interested in applying to join our group via a scholarship application, further information about possible options is available here:

We are not currently advertising any positions at the PhD level, but see “Applying to do a PhD in Germany” for further information, including on scholarship applications.

If you locate a suitable PhD or postdoctoral scholarship and would like to discuss the possibility of our group hosting you, please send a cover letter, CV and one or more brief (half-to-one-page) project proposal ideas to annaliese.mason(at), no later than two months before the application deadline (preferably 3-6 months before, up to 12 months is also fine). Note that for projects requiring significant experimental funding (e.g. more than standard laboratory reagents, glasshouse or field space, for example if population genotyping or whole-genome sequencing data needs to be generated) then it is highly desirable that proposed projects have some overlap with pre-existing projects in the group (see Current Research Projects).

MSc and undergraduate research projects can be applied for through the MSc programs of the University of Bonn. Relevant MSc programs include Crop Science and Agricultural Sciences and Resource Management in the Tropics and Subtropics, although if you are enrolled in other possibly relevant programs in Bonn we may also be able to host a thesis project.

If you are a current BSc or MSc student in Bonn and would like to discuss the possibility of doing your research project with our department, please send me an email with a CV or at least your module grades so far and a few sentences describing your main interests and how these relate to the research work in our group, as well as what kind of project work you are interested in (molecular lab, field work, glasshouse, microscopy, data analysis, other, any combination of these). This will help me match you up with the right project/supervisors within the department for further discussion.

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