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Recent experimental papers from our group (bold: lab group members)

  • Katche E., Gaebelein R., Idris Z., Vasquez‐Teuber P., Lo Y., Nugent D., Batley J., Mason A.S. (2021). Stable, fertile lines produced by hybridisation between allotetraploids Brassica juncea (AABB) and B. carinata (BBCC) have merged the A and C genomes. New Phytologist
  • Mwathi M.W., Gupta M., Quezada-Martinez D., Pradhan A., Batley J., Mason A.S. (2020) Fertile allohexaploid Brassica hybrids obtained from crosses between B. oleracea and B. juncea via ovule rescue and colchicine treatment of cuttings Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture 140 (2): 301-313
  • Mwathi, M.W., Schiessl, S.V., Batley, J., Mason A.S. (2019) “Doubled-haploid” allohexaploid Brassica lines lose fertility and viability and accumulate genetic variation due to genomic instability. Chromosoma 128(4):521-532
  • Gaebelein R., Alnajar D., Koopmann B., Mason A.S. (2019) Hybrids between Brassica napus and B. nigra show frequent pairing between the B and A/C genomes and resistance to blackleg. Chromosome Research 27(3):221-236
  • Gaebelein R., Schiessl S.V., Samans B., Batley J., Mason A.S. (2019) Inherited allelic variants and novel karyotype changes influence fertility and genome stability in Brassica allohexaploids. New Phytologist 223(2):965-978
  • Gohar M., Gäbelein R., Mason A.S. (2018) A quartet pollen phenotype identified in a population of Brassica interspecific hybrids shows incomplete penetrance and variable response to temperature. Plant Biology 20(5):894-901
  • Mason A.S., Chauhan P., Banga S. B., Banga S.S., Salisbury P., Barbetti M., Batley J. (2018) Agricultural selection and presence-absence variation in spring-type canola germplasm. Crop and Pasture Science 69 (1): 55-64
  • Mwathi M.W., Gupta M., Atri C., Banga S.S., Batley J., Mason A.S. (2017) Segregation for fertility and meiotic stability in novel Brassica allohexaploids. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 130 (4): 767-776

Recent reviews

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